Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Medicaid (( doh ))

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Today I have to talk about medicaid.

Our dad has alzheimer's and is in a memory care home so between his medical that covers everything from meds. to transportation to his doc. and his room and board its everything,
 His out of pocket is close to $8000. a month this is a cheap one. 

When he was admitted to the home we had sold his house and that money also went into his account and now  he is just about to be

Now is the pain staking process of applying for medicaid its like applying for a job at the airport
they want to know everything and you have to cash in every asset your parent has and you have to use every single penny up for their care that includes life insurance policy's. and burial plot if its not irreversible and or paid in full

Make sure you have a Power of Attorney & Advanced Directive  if you don't have it,  you are screwed.   There is lots of documents that are needed up to 5 yrs worth. the box is filling up.

If you are in this process contact ECR Planning   ( i am not affiliated ) these people have been such a great help it is spendy but it is well worth it, you have to send them all the info and  they take care of everything else and help with the process, and its a great way to get rid of money so the chance of getting on medicaid is looking good.

Our parent has been in this home since 2017 so that make's it better, But its really sad that our loved one's have to give up everything before they get help even if they don't remember they have it.
I know our dad would throw a fit if he knew any of this. 

So all that is reading this make sure to keep your self Healthy and save,save,save, so you don't have to go through this terrible system.

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