Friday, January 17, 2020

Wearing Many Hats

Hello and welcome. Happy New Year to all.

Being a person that works from home we wear many hats.
I start my morning being the domestic home maker, dog walker & critter care taker.

 I am the computer worker, clicking links, writing e-mails, doing blog post, advertising, contacting contacts, and whatever else seems to come up.
My fav. Affiliate business links is Build a Biz Online
awesome tool to build a business.

 I am a creator,  I love crafting so I make all kinds of fun,weird, stuff.
Here is one of my new items.
Dog house frame with bone made from perler beads.
I did the colors from my Josie's Fav. toy that was a stuffed Santa and her name was forged
in fun vinyl letters. at 6 1/2 w   x  7 1/2  L .
This cute frame is only:$20.00 includes shipping.
I do the build of your critters fav. colors you supply the pic. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2

 If interested in getting your custom Dog House Frame give me a yell here: 

I will also do frames for whatever critter you have. Cats, Turtles, Birds, to name a few.

So wearing of many hats does not end there I am a doctor, lawyer, and chief bottle washer
it takes time,effort and self motivation.

So Hats off to you all for stopping by.
Have a great day, With much success
Robins Whatever

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