Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tear Drops

Dark Red
Welcome, I have been having so much fun making these.

100% USA made,  plastic canvas, yarn,wire and a small stone in center.

These cuties can be used as Christmas ornaments, Hang from your rear view mirror in your car, kids back pack, or where ever you can think of.

I know Im one of those people that treat my pets as my child and they are spoiled
so get one of these customized with your pets name on it for only $6.99 each + shipping $2.99

Dark Purple

Size; 4 inches x 2 inches


Forest Green

Price:  $3.99       
Shipping: $2.99
Pick your


Get your custom Pet ornaments here.

Pet Name

Thank you for stopping by and have an AWESOME day
Robins Whatever.

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