Thursday, October 24, 2019

Yard Art

I just had a light bulb go off  and decided to make
Yard art signs enjoy.

Unicorn Crossing 9x18
white, Unicorn has some beveling
that gives texture.
This is an awesome sign to put by a playhouse. 

Give Thanks,  9 x 18  made with perler beads
browns,grays,white,orange on wooden stake.

Armed 3 days a week   9 x 13   Brown,white,black
Made with perler beads on hanger


Dogs Just Ate.  8 1/2  x 15   black & White made with
perler beads, on hanger.
  Tired of hiding bodies     11 x 12


All Signs..
Price:  $20.00
Shipping: $9.99

Come back soon more signs to come.
Have a great day
Robins Whatevers
Rts Space

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