Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Perler Beads

Welcome glad you stopped by.

I don't no why but I love perler beads, I just love working with them.

This little bead comes in tons of colors,  easy to work with, can make all kinds of fun and unique art.

I can go do something else but I always come back to perler beads.

So I just finished my latest creation hope you enjoy.

    Black Cat:

Perler beads, Black frame, Weaved line.

Colors: 3 shades of purple, peach, black,grays,tan, green and brown.
bordered with silver glitter.

Size 13 X 15

Price: $30.00

Now all my perler bead designs are made by eye no patterns.

Now this idea came from a craft catalog for needle point.
I put my artistic design out there and made this Black Cat.

Have a great day
Robin's Whatever

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