Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Artistic and Crafty

Welcome back glad you stopped by. 

 Being artistic/ crafty you tend to just get out there and do whatever comes to mind and that's how I roll,  here's a collection I did with nail polish, glitter, frames & seashells. 

Dog: brown,tan,white,gray, gold glitter
  These 3 are  ( 5 x 7 )  I start out with a  picture  drawn on a piece of paper and place the glass of the frame on top. I paint with nail polish whatever color I like. Then do a boarder in sea shells.
Flowers, blue,red,orange,pink, green and silver glitter


Cow/ Calf ,
green glitter

Price:    $9.99 each


These 2  are ( 8 x 10 )

Love  red, green,yellow with green glitter
Elephant green,gold,tan,white, silver glitter


Price:  $15.99

8 x 10

Horse blue,red,green, white,tan,gold,gray,black
multi color glitter

Dragon; gold,green, white,red
multi. color glitter

Price: 19.99

13 x 16

My 2 fav. are the Dog & Dragon.. I am working on some more awesome critters or I also do customs so if you have a pic of your fav. pet I can make a pic.  Please contact below in the comment section.

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