Thursday, October 24, 2019

Yard Art

I just had a light bulb go off  and decided to make
Yard art signs enjoy.

Unicorn Crossing 9x18
white, Unicorn has some beveling
that gives texture.
This is an awesome sign to put by a playhouse. 

Give Thanks,  9 x 18  made with perler beads
browns,grays,white,orange on wooden stake.

Armed 3 days a week   9 x 13   Brown,white,black
Made with perler beads on hanger


Dogs Just Ate.  8 1/2  x 15   black & White made with
perler beads, on hanger.
  Tired of hiding bodies     11 x 12


All Signs..
Price:  $20.00
Shipping: $9.99

Come back soon more signs to come.
Have a great day
Robins Whatevers
Rts Space

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Perler Beads

Welcome glad you stopped by.

I don't no why but I love perler beads, I just love working with them.

This little bead comes in tons of colors,  easy to work with, can make all kinds of fun and unique art.

I can go do something else but I always come back to perler beads.

So I just finished my latest creation hope you enjoy.

    Black Cat:

Perler beads, Black frame, Weaved line.

Colors: 3 shades of purple, peach, black,grays,tan, green and brown.
bordered with silver glitter.

Size 13 X 15

Price: $30.00

Now all my perler bead designs are made by eye no patterns.

Now this idea came from a craft catalog for needle point.
I put my artistic design out there and made this Black Cat.

Have a great day
Robin's Whatever

PS. go click on the Pinterest button below and see my older creations
just give me a yell here if interested in anything.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Artistic and Crafty

Welcome back glad you stopped by. 

 Being artistic/ crafty you tend to just get out there and do whatever comes to mind and that's how I roll,  here's a collection I did with nail polish, glitter, frames & seashells. 

Dog: brown,tan,white,gray, gold glitter
  These 3 are  ( 5 x 7 )  I start out with a  picture  drawn on a piece of paper and place the glass of the frame on top. I paint with nail polish whatever color I like. Then do a boarder in sea shells.
Flowers, blue,red,orange,pink, green and silver glitter


Cow/ Calf ,
green glitter

Price:    $9.99 each


These 2  are ( 8 x 10 )

Love  red, green,yellow with green glitter
Elephant green,gold,tan,white, silver glitter


Price:  $15.99

8 x 10

Horse blue,red,green, white,tan,gold,gray,black
multi color glitter

Dragon; gold,green, white,red
multi. color glitter

Price: 19.99

13 x 16

My 2 fav. are the Dog & Dragon.. I am working on some more awesome critters or I also do customs so if you have a pic of your fav. pet I can make a pic.  Please contact below in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day
Robins Whatever

Friday, October 4, 2019


Welcome back and thanks for visiting.
We all know whats on its way that time of the year when your needing all kinds of things.

Why not get some fun one of a kind handmade products.

Happy Hallowday Skull hanging from drift wood.
The sign & skull are made from Perle beads/melted beads.
In Black,Blue,Purple,White.  15 in L x 12 1/2 in W and about a quarter inch. deep.  ( indoor/ outdoor )

Price: $7.00


Spider Catcher

Made with Perle beads/ melted beads
With white pearl beads for the spider
and glitter line in center with screaming faces.

Ring 51/2 in. round.  Length is 81/2 in.
Depth is from the spiders rear end to the edge of ring  1 in.
Price:  $8.99


Cat on the Moon
Made with Perler beads/melted beads hanging on a metal star hanger
16 in. L x 8 1/2 in. W

Price: $10.00


Thank you for stopping in
Have a Great Day
Robin's Whatever

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thank You

Die cut sticker
 Good Morning and thank you for stopping by.

In the past year since my heart thing I've been having weird moods and just feel lost and and things get on my nerves very easy.  So I started investigating,

I have found that Being grateful, meditating saying thank you for everything I have and for the extended life that has been given to me, changing the way I respond to things is the way my day will be.

I really do see the difference If I do not say thank you & smile before I get out of bed my mood seems to be grouchy, but if I take those few min. and thank the universe for everything that has been given to me and smile to myself my mood is happy.

I do meditation every morning & every evening to thank the universe for that day.

Visit here and say: 
Thank you and have a great day..  
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Coffee Cup

Tee shirts

And so much more Just click the link above  Life is so much nicer when you say Thank you.

Have an AWESOME day and come back soon.
Robin's Whatever

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and I will get back to you. You can find  Handmade