Monday, September 23, 2019

Halloween Spider Catcher

Hello all glad you stopped by.

Just made this cute
Halloween Spider Catcher,

# Ring is made with Perle beads/ melting beads.

# Spider is made with white pearl beads and has a face.

# The web is thin fishing line with the sparkle of glitter polish.

# Beads  in the web are screaming faces.

# Length is 81/2 in.

# Ring is 51/2 in. round

# Depth is from the spiders rear end to the edge of ring  1 in.

The web sparkles in the light

Get yours today each one is handmade when ordered.

#  Price:      $8.99
# Shipping: $5.00

Your total is $13.99

Order Here   Halloween Spider Catcher

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