Thursday, September 19, 2019

Habits = Results

Hi thanks for stopping by.                                                                         You all know we have em and sometimes their good and most are  bad yep that's right I'm talking about habits.
Most people think its will power to change  That Is Wrong.. after lots of studying, watching video, I have come to the conclusion its all in the mind. Are minds are living computers and what we program them to do is what they will tell us to do.

So if you all read my blog you know in 2016 I went vegan that is not an easy task. Now I'm the type of person when I want to do something I just jump in and do it. Now I did a lot of studying before I made the leap and by doing all that it changed my thinking so it made it very easy for me to jump in.

Most people don't follow through because they are stuck on what they have been taught, what they believe is the right way and what media brain washes them into thinking.  Its the programing that you allow to download and save and saving those programs over and over you create habits and beliefs .

Your past programs can be changed by downloading and saving good information over and over.   I know because I did it when I went vegan and I am now doing it to workout more, and to help change in other areas..  Here's what I'm doing.

             To workout more..
Do in the morning,  nice soothing type music and meditate for about 30 min. while you are meditating say this several times I must workout, I must workout at the end say thank you for everything you have given me.
Then plug this in and start moving:  and I keep saying 
I Must Workout

This is already changing my habit so do this everyday and soon you will have saved the download and a new habit will be formed and you will get results.  

Now the best thing about this you can do this for anything its all about reprogramming your mind..

Have a great Day.
With much success.
Robin's Whatever

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 You can also find more info. on you tube just study,

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