Friday, June 21, 2019

For the Love of Cheese

Welcome back                                                

Lots of people say I don't think I could live without my cheese.
I used to say that too, and it took me 6 months to stop eating this additive substance.

I used to sit in front of  the TV with a plate of sliced cheddar cheese and crackers
and I would eat the whole thing. 

I was sick all the time with constipation, pain in my tummy, allergies, asthma, weight gain,
and other things, its has additive components that make you want more plus has lots of oil
 in it to.

 Cheese is the new meth, it may not make you feel and do weird things
but it will give you the craving to want more.
When I finally transitioned away from cheese and went vegan and or plant based my issues slowly went away and I lost weight.

Please watch the video from  Dr. Neal Barnard: The Cheese Trap - Break the Addiction   
Learn more about this new addiction.

If you have already started your travels to a vegan life change come by and 
check out my   Red, White & Blue vegan Tee.

Have a great day with much success


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