Thursday, May 2, 2019

What the Health- Insurance # 2

Hi, All thanks for stopping by, boy I got some awesome news. If you follow me then you 
saw What the Health- Insurance      and I talked about my insurance not paying for my surgey.

Well I have been doing self-motivation listening to youtube video's to keep my stress down 
and my spirits up well I am over the moon happy today and have to say THANK YOU to 
Legacy Hospital they have an amazing program that has helped tremendously. 

So when you hear the words Financial assistance for me it means a
pay- plan and with the total amount being so high I would be paying around 1500. a month at the low end.  You all know how that goes they want their money ASAP so it would probably be closer to 2000. a month. For the rest of my life.

Well anyhow, I log into my account to make a payment of what I can afford and the bill is GONE. so I clicked on view and it was all paid for by the Financial assistance.  WOW, I am impressed.
 Well, this is just the 1st part of the bill I have 2 hospitals so we will see what the other one does even if it dropped to a reasonable amount that would be awesome. 

So if you live in Oregon and have a Legacy Hospital I highly recommend them. 
Awesome care for their patients in all areas.  

                                        THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

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Have a great day
With much success

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