Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Very Sad, No Support.

I find it very sad that the family and friends say they support you.
When they really don't and complete strangers give's more support then they do.

I'm not talking about financial,
I'm talking about  Emotional support.

Yes, we all get the medical thing or some type of major hardship But what about
 the uplifting and motivating support,  the support when trying to get a business going.

Most family & friends seem to drop off the face of the earth when it comes to business
 support and I'm not talking about buying stuff although it would help..

I'm taking about just to share a link, business card, flyer and let your friends and extended family know about the business.
You may not want to buy and or may not like it but the extended family & friends
 may love it and that extra boost could really help get things on the move.

Why do they not want to give just that little support? it only takes a minute to share.
We will all speculate, wonder and rack our brains to why? but we will never really know.

So we all step through the door and keep moving forward and one day we will whip out the
bank statement and jump up and down in complete happyness & laughter and say 
I TOLD YOU I WOULD MAKE IT  and watch the jaw drop when they see SUCCESS.

So now that I have that off my chest COME ON BY check out my products  Change you mind..

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Have a great day with much success
Robins Whatever

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