Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Life Change 2

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So going vegan is a hard task for many because they listen to most doctors & the FDA who really do not have nutritional education. Go watch HOPE what you eat matters.

My doc. never gives me advice on what to eat because I don't follow FDA nutritional guidelines I won't listen to them anyhow. I don't have any of the standard American issues.
Such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and or blocked arteries because I'm vegan
But as said in my last blog I did have a bad heart valve I was born with.

So the past 2 years Iv been doing awesome and all my issues were gone so I thought.
The one thing going vegan could not fix is that heart valve. around May 2018 I started having the basic allergy issues after a couple weeks it was gone but I was still having breathing issues so I that maybe an asthma problem well I went and got some natural med for opening airway's well that worked only for a short time By July it was time to do the dreaded visit to the doc..

By the time I got done at the docs. it snowballed to a blood test, cardio ecogram, cardiologist who told me I was the healthiest heart patient he has ever had in 20 years of practice I did not have any of the SAD illness. (SAD  = Standard American  Diseases )
I was in and out of different doctors up to August 2018 I woke up at 3am with chest pain and went to the hospital.

My heart valve was finally needing to be replaced. My heart squeeze rate was only 25%   My family was told they were not sure how I was still living with my heart being so bad.

So on  August 22nd they finally did surgery and my valve got replaced..
Everything went very well and I was released on August 28th and had 8 weeks of recovery.

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