Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Welcome to the Rat Race.

 Hello all and welcome to Robins Whatever.

Just to give some info. on this blog and me I have been around the internet block for many years and I hit some really bad times and some awesome times so I'm going to write about whatever comes to mind and or in life events, everyone says find a nitch so whatever is my nitch...LOL

Please bookmark and or save me and come back to see what's on the chopping block. 

I find the internet kinda squirrely but I love working it and finding the diamonds in the rough.  It's a hard sell if you're looking to find a way to make money on the net lots of fake stuff going on. 

I'll throw my best places out later that I'm earning from they won't make you rich but extra income is always good and not much work is involved once you learn the programs.

I'm also vegan so I will talk a lot about that and my story on how I went vegan and the dedication, do's & don't that goes into it or at least what I did. 

I'm a right to the point person sometimes I go overboard and just get mean about stuff but when that happens you know I'm passionate about the topic some will get it and some won't but whatever it's what happened to me, my family and or my opinion.

My very 1st recommendation is this program will help with all that writing you may do and keep it nice and neat.

So I gotta go, I will see ya all later.
Have a great day with much success.
Robins Whatever.

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